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    THIS MAYBE MY MY LAST GIVEAWAY, (I’m not 100% sure yet but I don’t have a lot of things atm That I want to give away)


    - fuzzy white top shop sweater, small

    - thrifted cute boho skirt, small

    - American apparel white mesh skirt, x- small

    - dark green and dark blue plaid topshop cloth overall (small)

    - my old crossley record player I got I new one recently so I don’t need this one. It’s in perfect condition and it’s turquoise

    - a vampire weekend album to go with the record player (perfect condition)

    - vintage Polaroid camera has 5 films inside but really old and expired. If you take a picture it works although it’s black and white :)

    - my old jean dress! I love it so much but I got a new one so yeah….x-small

    - daisy print tank. it’s flowy but size is x-small although it can fit a medium


    - must be following me on tumblr: www.rabbitsduh.tumblr.com

    - Must be following me on Instagram : @rabbitcries

    - I will check!

    - after message me your Instagram on tumblr so I can verify that you have followed, then accept your request to join my giveaway

    - re blogs count, and likes don’t

    - winner will be announced on MAY 6th (my birthday :3) (eastern time)

    - time I will announce winner will be told most likely the day before it ends

    - I’m using a online generator to choose so it it fair and square c:

    - winner will not be announced on my blog, but will be messaged

    - thanks to my babe Leah for modelling

    I’m happy to do a new giveaway with y’all!

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    Terrace field - Yunnan, China

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  13. bambi-dani:

    I talk about my neighbor as if she was the crazy plant lady! Today I got to the conclusion: the crazy plant lady is me, she can’t beat me. (yes, this is in my house)

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